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5 Best Cocktails To Pair With Your Pizza

Pizza and wine is common. But, what if you wanted to try something different? Something that will tickle your taste buds and also be Instagram worthy. We suggest you order one of our specialty cocktails instead of the regular wine/beer and pizza combo.

Our pizzeria and cocktail lounge is known to have the best gourmet pizzas and specially crafted cocktails from all around Matera, Altamura, Naples, and Bari. But, which of our specialty cocktails go well with which pizza? This list gives you the 5 best cocktail and pizza combinations to order the next time you visit our gourmet pizzeria.

1. Dirty Martini & Margherita Gialla

A Margherita is a classic pizza. We are sure you have tried it at least once before. But, have you tried a Margherita made with yellow tomatoes?

The Margherita Gialla (one of the best pizzas in all of Matera) pizza is made out of fresh and tart yellow tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, aromatic basil and rich olive oil. No wonder it’s a crowd favourite. This mixture of beautiful local ingredients with creamy and mildly salty properties makes it perfect to pair with a Dirty Martini.

Our cocktail aficionado suggests pairing it with the Dirty Martini because the cocktail balances the full flavour of the Margherita Gialla. Why? Because the muddled olive and splash of olive brine along with bitter Gin cuts the fullness of the pizza.

2. Classic Mojito & Tonno e Cipolla

This cocktail and pizza pairing promises to immerse you into the island mood!

This pizza has the freshness of the sea from the tuna (tonno) and earthy –homely taste from onions (cipolla) – a classic combo when completed with fresh tomatoes and brick oven baked dough. For this pizza, Rum and only rum can match perfectly.

For this reason our cocktail specialist recommends ordering the classic Mojito with this pizza.

The freshness of mint and ice, the zestyness of lemon and of course strong Rum completely compliment this tuna and onion pizza.

3. Negroni & Diavola

This is a classic cocktail-pizza pairing – like two peas in a pod!

The Negroni’s straightforward, bold flavour blends well with generally salty, preserved meats such as the spicy salami used in the pizza Diavola.

The Negroni, made from a mixture of Campari, Gin & Bitters cleanses your palette between bites to bring out the best flavour of each mouthful. Our pizzaiolos definitely agrees!

4. Aperol Spritz & Bella Vista

One of the most popular cocktails around the world, the Aperol Spritz was invented in Italy. Created in 1919, as a citrusy, go-to spritz option by the Barbieri brothers in Padova, this cocktail soon won the hearts of millions around the world.

We at Bella Vista want to pay homage to this iconic Italian cocktail and therefore have created the perfect pizza to pair with it.

The Bella Vista pizza is topped with yellow tomatoes, prosciutto crudo (a classic on Italian pizzas), ricotta mousse, toasted almonds and citrus honey. This amalgamation of creamy, citrusy, yeasty and fresh ingredients goes perfectly with the Aperol Spritz!

A pizza unlike any other, it is so good we named it after our pizzeria (the best pizza place in Matera!)

5. Gin Tonic & Dal Pizzaiola

Gin Tonic is a classic night out cocktail – simple, refreshing, loved by millions. For the love of this highball cocktail, our pizzaiolo has created a pizza in his own name- the Dal Pizzaiolo.

Made from yellow tomatoes, two types of creamy but diverse cheeses- Stracciatella & Bufala, sundried tomatoes and rucola leaves, this pizza is filled with layers of flavour. The simpleness of the Gin Tonic complements these flavours instead of contrasting them, making this pizza and cocktail combo unforgettable.

Do you want to try these cocktail and pizza combos for yourself? Then reserve a table at Bella Vista Matera and enjoy!

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