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Italy is universally known for its beautiful landscapes, its artistic and cultural excellence, but also its excellent cuisine and its famous wines. We must not forget, however, that some of the most famous cocktails have Italian origins. We will present the most iconic Italian cocktails, perfect for the summer season.

Hugo cocktail

One of the most refreshing cocktails, perfect to sip at any time of day. The Hugo cocktail is made from a mix of Prosecco, elderflower syrup, soda water, and mint leaves. Usually served with ice cubes and a slice of lime, it is the quintessential Italian summer cocktail.

Bellini cocktail

Another iconic cocktail of Italy, perfect for the summer season is Bellini: one of the favorites of Italians with its deliciously light and fruity taste. Perfect for brunch or an aperitif on summer evenings, the Bellini was born in Venice and consists of a combination of Prosecco and white peach puree.

Rossini cocktail

Rossini is a very famous variation of Bellini, based on Prosecco and strawberry puree, for a sweet and slightly tart fruity taste.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is the perfect cocktail for summer, sweet, vibrant, and refreshing. Made with a mix of Prosecco, Aperol, sparkling water, and a touch of orange, this fruity cocktail is an all-time classic for Italians.


This dry and sweet and sour cocktail that combines Gin, Campari, Vermouth, and Angostura Bitter is one of the most appreciated and popular Italian cocktails

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