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What is an Aperitivo? And Where Can You Find the Best Aperitivoin Italy?

An aperitivo (or apéritif) is a pre-dinner drink specifically meant to whet your appetite. How delicious!

Traditionally, aperitivo cocktails tend to be on the lighter side of alcohol and not too bitter in taste. This is done so that the drinks can pair perfectly with salty snacks. Aside from drinks, aperitivo(s) include complimentary appetizers such as potato chips, olives, cheeses and cured meats, mini pizzas, and even small plates of pasta or couscous. The idea of aperitivo is to enjoy a light nibble, between 7pm and 9 pm – when local Italians meet to relax over a glass of wine or a light cocktail and finger foods.

What to order?

While wine (red, white or rosé) is common, aperitivo hour is the perfect time to try classic Italian cocktails such as Aperol or Campari spritz. On the other hand if you want a strong punch that is still very much Italian in flavour, you have to try a Negroni, Italy’s most famous classic cocktail. Negroni is a short, dark martini

with gin, Campari, and red vermouth.

Where Can You Find the Best Aperitivo in Italy?

Sassi di Matera are ancient cave dwellings located in the heart of the historic city of Matera, Italy. And Bella Vista Matera (Via Madonna delle Virtu 11) is at its center.

Bella Vista serves up the best of the best. The wine and cocktail list is extensive with beer flowing, a wide range of wines, classic Proseccos and noble Champagnes on the menu. There’s plenty to drink when enjoying an aperitivo or two there.

Bella Vista is a pizzeria and cocktail lounge that is often packed with stylish locals enjoying their evening in Matera. The pizzas and pizza tapas are exceptional. Guests are served inside a traditional cave dwelling with authentic Italian flavours. The outside area is converted into a lounge overlooking a breath taking view and filled with an upbeat, happy vibe- perfect for a Saturday night out!

So what are you waiting for? Click here ( and book your aperitivo now!

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