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Why You Need To Visit Matera, Italy

Matera is a stunning historic city in the Basilicata region of Italy. It is rich with ancient history; cave dwellings and authentic southern Italian food. Matera is a touristic hotspot and the time to visit is now!

Most tourists who visit Italy attack hotspots such as Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan. Don’t get us wrong – we love these cities but there is so much more that Italy has to offer.

Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. This small Italian city is filled with churches, small boutiques and strolling individuals enjoying a romantic “passeggiata”. When you first hear about Matera, you hear about The “Sassi” of Matera. The Sassi of Matera are ancient, unique cave dwellings that have been inhabited since the Paleolithic period. They form an extraordinary and truly special landscape to view. These cave dwellings are of great historical significance to this city as they have earned Matera a place among the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities.

Immortalized in Movies such as The Passion of Christ and the upcoming James Bond movie No Time To Die this city has so much to offer!

The sights aren’t the only things to experience in Matera. The food too pays a huge part.

When you think of Matera, you may not think about the amazing food scene, but you would be pleasantly surprised by the great dining options in the city of caves. Restaurants in Matera, feature simple but deep food flavorings built around the classic Italian concept of Cucina Povera – the idea that great food is built on ingredients that are cheap, accessible and local.

Pizzas are a must to eat when in Matera. Why? Because their bread is one of the fluffiest and lightest in the world. The locals in Matera make extensive use of yellow tomatoes and mild sun-dried chili peppers that impart deep & earthy flavors to their food. Do not miss on trying the brilliant handmade cavatelli and orecchiette pastas – which Matera is famous for.

Wondering where to eat in Matera? Bella Vista literally means "beautiful view" and the pizzeria’s goal is to serve each client a sensory experience through the wood fire cooked pizzas, specially curated cocktails & the beautiful view of Matera. The resident pizzaiolo doesn't just make pizzas, he makes art! Every bite of the variety of pizzas & pizza-tapas will take you on a journey to different parts of Italy. The pizzeria sources their ingredients from all over Italy in order to bring you an unforgettable experience! The mixologist at Bella Vista specializes in cocktails that enhance the flavour of each ingredient of your food. You can enjoy drinks outside on the terrace with your preferred pizza tapas or inside the cave pizzeria that brings to you the true experience of what Matera is all about!

Don’t wait to visit Matera! As you can tell, this Southern Italian city is loved and recommend by tourists from all over the world.

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